Cleveland Cavaliers

2.106 Cleveland Cavaliers
New York Knicks 1.78

New York Knicks

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Charlotte Hornets

1.43 Charlotte Hornets
Detroit Pistons 2.75

Detroit Pistons

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Greensboro Swarm

1.43 Greensboro Swarm
Wisconsin Herd 2.8

Wisconsin Herd

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Philadelphia 76ers

1.28 Philadelphia 76ers
Brooklyn Nets 3.45

Brooklyn Nets

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Player Earnings 2018

1. Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors
2. Russell Westbrook
Oklahoma City Thunder
3. Lebron James
Los Angeles Lakers
4. Chris Paul
Houston Rockets
5. James Harden
Houston Rockets
6. Langston Galloway
Detroit Pistons
7. Blake Griffin
Detroit Pistons
8. Gordon Hayward
Boston Celtics
9. Kyle Lowry
Toronto Raptors
10. Paul George
Oklahoma City Thunder
11. Mike Conley
Memphis Grizzlies
12. Kevin Durant
Golden State Warriors
13. Paul Millsap
Denver Nuggets
14. Al Horford
Boston Celtics
15. Damian Lillard
Portland Trail Blazers
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Team Standings

Eastern Conference
1.RaptorsToronto Raptors
2.BucksMilwaukee Bucks
3.76ersPhiladelphia 76ers
4.PacersIndiana Pacers
5.CelticsBoston Celtics
6.PistonsDetroit Pistons
7.HornetsCharlotte Hornets
8.MagicOrlando Magic
9.HeatMiami Heat
10.WizardsWashington Wizards
11.NetsBrooklyn Nets
12.KnicksNew York Knicks
13.HawksAtlanta Hawks
14.CavaliersCleveland Cavaliers
15.BullsChicago Bulls
Western Conference
1.ThunderOklahoma City Thunder
2.WarriorsGolden State Warriors
3.NuggetsDenver Nuggets
4.ClippersLos Angeles Clippers
5.LakersLos Angeles Lakers
6.GrizzliesMemphis Grizzlies
7.Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers
8.MavericksDallas Mavericks
9.KingsSacramento Kings
10.PelicansNew Orleans Pelicans
11.SpursSan Antonio Spurs
12.TimberwolvesMinnesota Timberwolves
13.JazzUtah Jazz
14.RocketsHouston Rockets
15.SunsPhoenix Suns


If we’re talking about sports, Bitcoin NBA betting is one of the top markets bettors always sign-up for. Since online betting is now considered as a widely-accepted practice due to several legalization actions, basketball became one of the most popular sports to bet on, especially when the NBA season begins. But its popularity and number of participants do not automatically mean that NBA betting is easy. There are rules and systems that need to be followed. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

Bitcoin NBA betting requires keen eyes, consistent dedication, and knowledge about cryptocurrency’s workings. You are bound to enjoy anonymous betting as well as faster and free transactions, but the catch is you now have the ability to place different NBA bet types wherever you are, whenever you want on whatever game peaks your interest. The power of cryptocurrency payments as a whole can manage to share with you the joy of land-based sports betting inside your very home. Let our Bitcoin NBA betting for beginners guide and other helpful information pages walk you through the rewarding and entertaining world that is cryptocurrency betting.


The National Basketball Association or NBA has been providing the world’s greatest basketball games to sports fans for more than 55 years now—still continuing the legacy it built from 1949. But before the acquisition of the NBA as a league, it was first a product of a rivalry between Basketball Association of America (BAA) and National Basketball League (NBL). The entire Bitcoin NBA betting community, therefore, has the BAA and NBL to thank.

At present, the NBA consists of 30 professional teams representing major cities across the United States and Canada; we have the Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, and Cleveland Cavaliers to name a few. The entire tournament is divided into a season with three major parts: the Regular Season, the Playoffs, and the Finals. Teams play 82 games throughout the regular season, with an equal division of home and away teams. The eight teams with the best win-loss record in each game move on to the knockout format playoffs to determine the overall winner of the NBA Championship. These games, together with a special NBA live programming, reach over 750 million households in 210 countries with 42 languages around the world. Bitcoin NBA betting, on the other hand and as a separate entity, takes hold of a thousand sportsbook markets on the Internet that covers decimal, fractional, and US odds.

If BetNBA.eu is dedicated to giving bettors all the guidelines they need for Bitcoin NBA betting, the NBA is committed to building the game of basketball and bringing it to fans all over the world. The league takes all options and measures to reach out to fans that can’t be in the arena during the games by distributing basketball programming via television and internet. So if you start your sports betting journey with the NBA, you are guaranteed to have endless basketball updates, NBA betting predictions, in-depth NBA odds comparisons, NBA betting rules, and the best NBA betting guide by your side.


BetNBA.eu aims to give bettors the best options for NBA betting as much as possible and as far as we can. This automatically means that betting with bitcoins is our top recommendation for all your betting activities. We and a million others claim that Bitcoin NBA betting revolutionizes the way people bet, but what is Bitcoin in the face of beginners?

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency ever created. Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious inventor, introduced the different functions and uses of Bitcoin to promote peer-to-peer electronic transactions to those looking for a more convenient medium for payments, investments, and online betting without the hassle and intrusion of banks, governments, and other financial institutions. Its additional features include anonymity, privacy, low-cost to free transactions, and data security are some of the countless reasons it easily became a mode of payment for Bitcoin NBA betting and other online betting markets. Many sportsbooks and casinos are now crypto-friendly. They appeal to many users because of the presence of international markets on their list of betting selections and grants Bitcoin users welcome bonuses, referral bonuses, free transactions, fast deposits and witohdrawals, match bonuses, and other VIP programs. For a list of the best crypto and fiat sportsbooks, be sure to check out the Bitcoin sportsbook reviews section.

Bitcoin NBA betting starts with acquiring a Bitcoin wallet, the software medium responsible for storing all your bitcoins and encryption keys. This could be a hardware wallet, software wallet, online wallet, or paper wallet—depending on the bettor’s needs, lifestyle, and preferences; the key is to know how to store bitcoins using the wallet you chose.

To start betting, the only requirements you need are the wallet’s address and/or your e-mail address. After choosing the perfect Bitcoin wallet that suits your needs, your next step is to learn how to buy bitcoins and how to sell bitcoins. Depending on where you are, you can purchase bitcoins through person-to-person transactions, special Bitcoin ATM machines, and Bitcoin exchange sites. At this moment, the most convenient option for you is to register in an exchange platform and look for sellers and favorable deals coming your way.

With Bitcoin, you can enjoy a lot of opportunities fiat currencies cannot offer. It can give you the freedom you’ve never experienced before in other standard betting sites and it can seamlessly make your life easier. More than that, the presence of quality NBA betting software and NBA betting exchange are bound to bring you endless winning opportunities.


NBA is considered to be the master of professional basketball in the world. And Bitcoin, on the other hand, is referred to as the digital gold for millennials and the best decentralized payment system to date. By combining the two together, you have an unmatched sports betting activity through Bitcoin NBA betting. This is something anyone can participate in, no matter the skill level. The power duo of Bitcoin and NBA created a world perfect for people looking for hassle-free online betting, high roller NBA betting, and of course, players who want to win bitcoins with NBA betting.

With that being said, BetNBA.eu takes into account the services you need for your journey. Our team, after all, was established to give you the ultimate Bitcoin NBA betting experience through our reserve of sports betting tools and resources, guides, and endless NBA betting tips. All the updates and information you’re familiar with or you haven’t heard of your entire life can be found here.

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