Adam Silver Lays Down Potential Return Plan Of The NBA

Adam Silver Lays Down Potential Return Plan Of The NBA

As NBA fans and players started to grow restless waiting for good news amid the pandemic, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver addressed the circulating rumor that the 2020 NBA season can make a comeback in May. In an online interview, Silver revealed that the league has no power to announce an early decision. However, the organization already presented ideas and concepts for a potential return, including a 25-day program. This also gives more life to the idea that NBA odds markets will get back on track sooner than later.

When asked if he has a sense of whether or not the league can return as soon as possible, Silver answered: “The short answer is no…The fact is now, sitting here today, I know less than I did then, and I think in some ways, just as I listen to the public health experts and the people advising us, the virus is potentially moving faster than maybe we thought at that point, so maybe it will peak earlier. What that means, in terms of our ability to come back at some point, whether it be in late spring or early summer, is unknown to me.”

The league couldn’t make a decision this month, and Silver added that “at least for the month of April”, they won’t be in a position to make any decisions. The final decision and whether or not the season will push through lies on the advice of health experts.

Alternative Plans

Due to the uncertain future, the NBA is testing different alternatives for location, game format, and schedule. One organizer introduced a unique 2K Players tournament for NBA pros to take part in. Meanwhile, Silver and other members of the organization are exhausting every possible option that can help them conclude the season within a year. The NBA has even gone from modeling specific scenarios in case the matches return. The start date is crucial as it could affect the regular season, playoffs, and finals—considering that all matches must conclude in 2020.

Among all the alternative plans mentioned by the members, Silver is particularly interested in the 25-day program. Under the plan, players have to undergo an 11-day session of individual workouts to maintain social distancing and prepare for the season comeback. If medical officials approve the plan and screen the participating players, all qualified players will proceed to a two-week training camp with all the teams competing in the current season.

For the location, the league considers holding all matches on one site. Silver said that they’ve already inquired about the capabilities of their chosen locations to hold a big event, with or without an audience.

Considering the fans and viewers, the NBA is also looking for alternative options to support coverage. Silver revealed that 99% of NBA fans don’t ever attend an NBA game as streaming matches is a good enough option. This gives the NBA an idea to broadcast matches through an ‘altered and improved’ coverage.