Arbitrage Betting, Trading & Hedging

Arbitrage Betting, Trading & Hedging

Risk-free returns in sports betting is a concept to behold, but not many bettor have the guts or knowledge to do so. Not everyone is familiar or interested in Arbitrage betting, trading, and hedging—the three betting styles that can diminish or completely eliminate risks in betting. If you’re one of the majorities who always do straightforward bets, this is the best way to step up the game.

Take part in our NBA betting guide and test which one of the three can increase your potential returns. Remember that there is more to being a sports bettor than routinary choosing one method, one team, and one bet. Arbitrage betting, trading, and hedging can deliver the risk-free betting you’ve always dreamed for by providing an unconventional method of betting.

Arbitrage Betting – Also known as “Arbing” or “Scalping. It is a betting method where you simultaneously place bets on all possible outcomes of an event with different odds. This guarantees and ensures profit, whatever the result of the event may be. The best technique required for Arbitrage betting is to compare and take advantage of the different odds. Sportsbook odds may differ from one brand to another. But this with this technique, you won’t have to guess and predict the outcome. All you have to do is multiple place bets on the best and worst possible scenari. These bets you are making are, therefore, called surebets or miraclebets.

Trading – All these three betting styles—Arbitrage betting, trading, and hedging—have the same nature and principles, but sports trading calls for a different technique. It is used to take advantage of the change in odds while the game progresses. This also guarantees profits no matter the outcome because when you trade, you completely eliminate the risk. You just have to act as a bettor and a bookmaker simultaneously by “backing” an event with high odds and “laying” an event with low odds. But, profit is only guaranteed if you can predict the direction of the odds price change. For live in-play betting, this means predicting how the game will go.

Hedging – In very simple terms, hedging is defined as betting against the original bet you made to diminish or completely eliminate the possible amount you can lose in a certain market. You are not just betting against the sportsbook, you are also betting against yourself. Do it right and you might just earn 50% more of your original profit from the first bet you made.

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