Parlays believes that everyone should have endless options and opportunities when betting lest he resort to ordinary, straightforward, and less profitable bets. This is why our NBA betting guide reminds you to explore all betting types available to maximize your experience and increase your winnings. With that, let us start with the most popular betting type used and enjoyed by everyone: Parlays.

Parlays are a series of combined individual bets into one large, single bet. The entire bet is dependent on all of those wagers winning together. This can result to multiplying the odds but if one or two bets lose, the whole parlay is lost. The parlay betting system is considered a progressive betting system that works by increasing your bet every time you win, hence it’s also called: “accumulators”. You can do this by betting your winnings while coming the original betting unit you staked. The purpose of the system is to build a ‘pyramid’ of winnings after winnings.

A popular option in Parlay that is proven effective by most bettors is to combine 8 games into an 8 leg parlay. This could increase your chances of receiving bigger payouts by including all the 5 leg combinations you can possibly get in your 8 selections. By then, you’ll only be needing 5 out of 8 legs to win and in conclusion, that would be a 56 five-fold parlay.


Sportsbooks encourage bettors to place parlay bets instead of single bets. It’s a win-win situation for both parties, that is: if the bettors are skilled and lucky. The downside is that the odds actually present the sportsbook’s profit margin; multiplying the odds on Parlays also means multiplying the sportsbook’s profit. So,  bettors should beat the house edge by making a series of completely accurate bets. It’s tough to win consistently, and bettors who are not knowledgeable are not advised to use it in a long-run. However, once acquainted, parlays can give out greater rewards. Beginners should first resort to single bets before trying out Parlays. Remember: Parlay bettors have a winning percentage of 55-56% in every market.

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