NBA Opens Bubble Environment To Families And Other Guests

NBA Opens Bubble Environment To Families And Other Guests

The bubble environment for the NBA’s return to play yielded successful results. The league managed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect its staff and players at Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The NBA celebrates its fourth straight week of having zero cases.

With the success of these health and safety protocols, the NBA announces that it will soon welcome guests inside the complex, which adds to the virtual courtside fans. Only family members or personal friends with whom a player has an established, pre-existing, and known personal relationship can enter Disney World Resort.

The league also added a list of people who won’t be considered as guests; trainers, physical or massage therapists, personal chefs, hair/apparel stylists, tattoo artists, and current/prospective business partners, and certified agents (other than family members) are not allowed to enter the complex.

Disney World Resort opens its doors to invited guests on August 30. Each player can invite up to four family members or close friends. Exceptions to this limit could be applied to players who have four or more minor children entering the bubble.

Guests must follow the following protocols before and during their stay inside the complex:

  • Quarantine for seven days prior to traveling to the bubble
  • Submission of a clearance form signed by a physician that says they have no risk factors associated with COVID-19, and haven’t had any symptoms of the virus or associated/cared for anyone with the virus
  • Undergo COVID-19 testing upon arriving at Disney World followed by a mandatory seven-day quarantine in temporary housing on the campus
  • Once cleared from quarantine, they must undergo regular coronavirus testing, daily temperature checks, wear a face mask at all times and social distance from everyone else on the campus aside from the player that they are the guest of

Inside the complex, guests are also banned from entering high-risk areas in the outside world. They would have to remain in the bubble for the entire duration of their stay. Nearby Disney World theme parks would be off-limits, but the NBA said that they have available programming and entertainment for kids, such as games, pool activities, and biking areas.