NBA Video Rulebook Introduced With Improvements And More

NBA Video Rulebook Introduced With Improvements And More

In preparation for the 2020-21 NBA season, which remains threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, the league relaunched its Video Rulebook microsite to serve as an online and one-click-away resource to interested teams, players, media, partners, and fans.

The video rulebook includes detailed explanations of the rules of the game through video footages handpicked from NBA games. The videos specifically illustrate examples of different kinds of fouls and violations—especially the most misunderstood moves and violations that have ever happened in the NBA.

To find a specific type of play or video, the selection is available at the major tabs located on the top of the page. The drop-down menus will take the viewer to any of the following category and the specific play under them:

  • Points of Education
  • Block / Charge
  • Post Play
  • Screens
  • Other Fouls
  • Flagrant Fouls
  • Technical Fouls
  • Traveling
  • Violations
  • Table Stats

NBA’s video rulebook has been up for years. Many believed that it’s outdated, hence the introduction of the expanded version this week. For the expanded version, here are the updates the NBA added to the microsite:

  • More than 450 new video examples with enhanced video.
  • A new Points of Education category, which contains dozens of video examples of all the current season’s POE’s.
  • More than two dozen new categories and sub-categories.
  • A new Keyword Search box.
  • A link to an Educational Videos archive page, containing numerous League Operations Rules videos produced over the last few seasons of the NBA.
  • An updated Homepage with new images and links to additional educational material.

Updating the rulebook was a responsible move. With new and improved resources, professionals, and non-professionals inside and outside the NBA would find it easier to make sense of what’s happening in every basketball game.

The NBA Video Rulebook website, even with the new improvements implemented by the NBA, however, is not meant to be a substitute for the Official NBA Rulebook. The league would like to remind everyone that if there is any discrepancy in the language between the explanations listed on this site, and what is written in the Official NBA Rulebook, the Official Rulebook takes precedence.