Sports Betting Tools And Resources

Sports Betting Tools And Resources

Bettors sometimes think that they know sports betting like the back of their hands. But this is something that beginners have to avoid at all cost. If the odds are not in your favor and if you don’t have the right sports betting tools and resources, you might narrow down your chances of winning even further. To start on the right foot, we have with you some of the best Bitcoin NBA betting pointers. A simple collection of tools, references, and materials can help you improve your profitability.

Listed below are widely-used sports betting tools and resources. These tools can provide betting values, more info on odds, and share winning recommendations. To be equipped with these tools, you can visit free websites or download your desired application.

Tools of the Trade

Betting Calculator – A betting calculator allows you to easily check the number of combinations and compute your bets’ worth. You can also compute the possible payouts for different betting amounts. To work out your potential winnings, simply enter the odds (the probability of the outcome presented by the sportsbook) and the stake (the amount you will risk). An Instant Bet Calculator shows the return on a win only bet, winning each way bet (¼ odds), winning place bet (¼ odds), and winning place (⅕ odds). Some regular bet calculators also allow you to enter your bet type.

Odds Converter – We’ve already established that no bookmaker is the same. Each platform might express odds differently. A sportsbook has its own odds format. Hence, an odds converter can be one of the most useful sports betting tools and resources for starters. Bookmakers usually support the ever-popular Decimal, Fractional, and US odds. However, there are other sites that make use of Indonesian, Hong Kong, and Malay odds formats. If you encounter odds you’re not familiar with, use an odds converter to make the complicated simple.

Glossary of Terms – Not everyone knows all the words invented by man, the same goes for the sports betting scene. Not all gamblers are familiar with the terms appearing out of nowhere. To ensure complete understanding and accuracy of bets, keep a glossary with you at all times. Lucky for you, we have a comprehensive glossary of terms readily available. In just one click, you get access to the commonly-used and advanced terms involved in NBA and sports betting.

Bitcoin Sportsbook Reviews – With the continued popularity of Bitcoin, almost all betting sites now boast cryptocurrency payments. However, not all of them are trustworthy and you can’t be sure if they can satisfy all your gambling needs. To grasp the sportsbook’s legitimacy, bonuses and promotions offered, other payment methods, and markets covered, only rely on Bitcoin sportsbook reviews crafted by experts and first-hand users.