How To Sell Bitcoins

How To Sell Bitcoins

The never-ending development of technology unlocks bigger and better ways for us to conduct transactions. Convenience and efficiency are two major factors, and Bitcoin delivers just that. In the past few years, Bitcoin stole the spotlight from all payment mediums due to its one-of-a-kind characteristics. The many uses of Bitcoin along with the power of anonymity, fast processing, and lack of restriction makes it the ultimate medium for sending and receiving payments. Many continue to ask the question what is Bitcoin. In return, more people reap from the benefits of the digital currency.

Bitcoin transformed the way people buy and sell online. It becomes more and more involved with everyday lives as more begin to embrace cryptocurrency payments. Today, you’ll find more merchants catering to Bitcoin payments–from hotels, food, all the way to online betting sites.

Meanwhile, users of the digital currency might feel the need to sell their bitcoins and convert it to cash for one reason or another. And for novice crypto users, we give you a lowdown on how to sell bitcoins.

Bitcoin Exchanges

Just like learning how to buy bitcoins, Bitcoin exchanges are good for people learning how to sell bitcoins. The site supports buyers and sellers of bitcoins, making it a one-stop destination. Make sure you choose a trusted platform for seamless transactions from start finish.

The exchange readily provides the current exchange rate for bitcoins and will conduct the best deal for your conditions. For example, if you wish to sell 1 BTC for 6000 USD, the exchange site’s software will match you with buyers with the same asking price. After the transaction is confirmed, the exchange will do the rest for you.

Bitcoin ATMs

Some are unaware of the fact that Bitcoin ATMs can actually accommodate those who want to sell their bitcoins. Again, simply visit a Bitcoin ATM nearby if there’s one nearby, check if the machine buys bitcoins. The process is the similar to buying bitcoins. Complete the necessary verification process and the machine will provide the current Bitcoin exchange rate, transaction fee, and the QR code. Typically, you will need your mobile phone for verification and scanning of the QR code.

Person To Person Trading

Lastly, bitcoins can also change hands from person to person selling. Anyone in the world can buy bitcoins from you as long as you can assure safe and secure deals–feedback from previous transactions will also help. The deal itself will be performed only between the buyer and the seller will require both users to have a Bitcoin wallet for storage purposes. Lastly, set a final price before selling. Send the bitcoins to the provided wallet address, receive the fiat payment, and wait for the transaction to finish.