Your Ultimate Guide To Sims Sports Betting

Your Ultimate Guide To Sim Sports Betting

Most sportsbooks are currently on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Major leagues cancelled their 2020 seasons, including the NBA. But even if your favorite basketball league is temporarily suspended, NBA 2K20 simulations sports (Sims sports) betting markets are here to bring back the action.

Sims Sports Betting Explained

Sims sports betting is nothing Bitcoin bettors couldn’t handle. The process is easy, and the rewards are massive. Here, bettors can bet on a simulated basketball contest played on the NBA 2K20 video game. The setup is similar to virtual sports matches, but Sims sports matches feature AI vs AI matchup not controlled by players or the sportsbook. The entire event is a complete simulation-based game.

NBA 2K20 sets itself apart from traditional sporting events, but it can give you a one-of-a-kind virtual Bitcoin NBA betting experience. If you’re lucky, you can double or triple your winnings.

Is SIMS Sports 2K20 Safe?

Since the tournaments are completely simulated, first-time SIM bettors might think that it can be hacked or manipulated. This won’t be a problem if you’re registered on reputable and licensed betting sites.

We have reliable betting technology these days, and reputable sportsbooks are required by laws to provide betting markets that are free from human intervention. NBA 2K20 and other Sims Sports are powered by AIs, so both teams on the game have an equal opportunity to win.

What Are The Types Of Bets I Can Place?

Although done virtually, AIs have the capabilities to surprise you. They may even execute more surprising moves and decisions than your favorite NBA player. With that, you can place different types of bets to maximize your winnings.

The betting options vary per sportsbook, but you can possibly wager on actions with moneyline, over or under, spread, and total bets. It’s also possible to handicap matches as sportsbooks aim to make the games look as realistic as possible.

Where To Bet On SIMS Sports 2K20?

You can head over to your favorite sportsbook that offers Sims sports 2K20 to experience the game. But if you’re just about to get started, here are the top three sportsbooks offering Sims sports right now:

Nitrogen Sports – If you’re up for some Bitcoin sports betting action, Nitrogen Sports is the sportsbook for you. Nitro Sims, a special betting market on the site, offers live games daily simulated on Twitter and/or Youtube.

Bovada – On Bovada, you can view some of the largest selections of esports and Sims sports matches. The sports betting site just introduced SIM betting to its loyal bettors. The 2K20 SIM is located on the esports section of the website.

My Bookie – one of the newest sites to introduce Sims sports betting to the community. My Bookie hosts scheduled simulation matches weekly.